Mixing & Mastering

At ProMixSound we have a team of Professional Audio engineers and producers providing work to the highest standard, available to everyone with access online.

Let our team of Professionals mix your track into Perfect balance and bring your music to the Next Level. ProMixSound consists of experienced, qualified and only the most passionate Audio engineers eager to start the next project to the industry standard at online Prices.

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Mastering Only

Mastering is the final stage before a track is released. Mastering requires experience as the volume is enhanced to match the standard of other commercially released tracks while retaining clarity and improving character.  We have experience and make certain that your track sounds worthy on every speaker and Sound system.

Here at ProMixSound the use of High quality Analog Equipment and an array of Plugins paired with a set of trained ears are prepared to Master your tacks. You are guaranteed to be delighted with the result offered from our knowledgeable Mastering Engineers.

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Remix & Production

We have experienced and knowledgeable Music Production specialists, eager to produce an instrumental, remix or complete track start to finish to a Professional standard constructed to your choice of style.

Provide us with a Reference track, genre or any detail necessary to achieve your dream track.

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Song Writing Services

ProMixSound has access to exceptional songwriters with lyrics written and expressed to set the selected vibe and vision.

You can guarantee a work of art when you see the results. Professionals working to the highest standard are hand picked by ProMixSound and No genres are a problem.

Attention to detail to what works and is suitable for a selected genre or song is on point and the creativity of available writers is incredible.

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Field Recording for TV & Film

Our designated field recording Professional is driven by a strong passion for Audio with years of experience recording for TV & Film, working with various forms of media content from Feature Films to TV Series, TVCs, Documentaries and Short Films as a Production Audio Mixer.

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Foley Production

The Foley artists representing ProMixSound enjoy a challenge and are always eager to start a new project to the highest standard never missing any details.

For Foley audio work please contact us requesting a sample of previous Foley projects.

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CD Master

A CD Master includes the following Services:

  • Adjusting Tracks to achieve consistency of Volume and Balance.
  • Dithering (Altering the Sample and Bit Rate to the Redbook Standard with Sample Rate of 44.1khz and the bit rate at 16 Bit.)
  • Adjust the Space between each of the tracks
  • Assigning ISRC Codes and Catalogue Number
  • Checking for errors
  • Creating a DDP file, ready for CD duplication or replication
  • Producing a physical Redbook Master CD if required

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What is a DDP File?

A DDP file is the format most commonly used for CD replication. A DDP image can include ISRC and other codes and is a downloadable file.

Redbook Master CD

A Red Book Master CD is the physical CD created using a DDP image.

ISRC – International Standard Recording Code
ISRCs are required if your music is to be sold on Itunes. ISRC can assist for identification if your music is played on the Radio.

The first part of the ISRC is attainable from your local IFPI. Each song will be assigned a unique ISRC.

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Voice Over

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a Voice over Artist. ProMixSound has access to great talent in the voice over World.

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Noise Reduction

Look no further for reliable noise reduction specialists. You will not believe the results achieved with the latest noise reduction software when paired with a trained specialist. The end product is quite remarkable.

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