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Mixing & Mastering

At ProMixSound we have a team of Professional Audio engineers and producers

Mastering Only

Mastering is the final stage before a track is released. Mastering requires

Remix & Production

We have experienced and knowledgeable Music Production specialists, eager
Our Team of Professionals Now Offer their Audio Services Online to Labels, Companies and Individual Musicians specialising in Mixing and Mastering, Music & Remix Production, Song Writing, Field Recording, Foley Production and more

About ProMixSound

About Us

At ProMixSound we have access to a crew of only the most passionate and qualified Audio Engineers, Producers and Artists providing work to the Highest standard, available to everyone with online accessibility


"Skilled and Polished Mixing talents available at ProMixSound"


-Phil Michael Harris

"Very Professional Service, I personally know and have worked with the Rhys on multiple occasions"

"Highest Quality is Assured"

-Alex Smith

"A Premium Service for mixing audio to mainstream commercial quality"

-Matthew Bently

"Skilled and Polished Mixing talents available at ProMixSound"


-Phil Michael Harris

Rhys is highly talented and creative engineer.

jim Cathway

thanks for a polished final product of my book. You are amazing

fatima mazu